Jillian Reid

Sports Therapy and Massage

I have always had a strong interest in sport and the science behind performance and management of the body. As a qualified teacher of Physical Education and Lecturer in Sport, I have worked within Higher Education, Further Education and Secondary schools and have undertaken a wide range of continued professional development to further enhance my skill set.
This has lead me into both sports therapy and massage, dry needling and acupuncture due to the benefits they provide to both athletes, regular gym users and trainers and those with everyday issues with activities for daily life.

Sports Therapy and Massage
Reduce tired, aching and sore muscles. Improve performance and maximise training.
Benefits of Sports Massage:

Effective as part of training and maintenance to achieve maximum results in training and competition.
Pre and post event massage
Use as part of training or injury rehabilitation programme.

• Relieve muscle tension and pain
• Increased flexibility and range of movement
• Improved muscle strength
• Break down and reduce scar tissue
• Increased blood flow and removal of waste products
• Reduction of muscle soreness and inflammation
• Speed up the healing process


£30 | Sports Massage
£30 | Acupuncture
£40 | For Both