NG-UP is not a gym, we specialise in strength, conditioning, core workouts and personal training.
NG-UP is challenging but rewarding with no classes like it in the North West.
More importantly we cater for all levels of fitness. From beginners to advanced, we will
ensure whatever class you are in, you are comfortable and get maximum results.



your habits

At NG-UP our attitude to health and fitness will make you want to work hard, turn up every week and most of all improve yourself!


your diet

We offer personalised programmes and meal guides to enhance performance and show improvements regarding weight loss and weight gain. In association with No Excuses Nutrition.


your health

With the varied classes, bespoke equipment and the motivating techniques of our trainers, you no longer need to worry about your health, just turn up and we'll do the rest!


Fitness classes and Personal Training sessions are run by highly experienced trainers. With over 40 years within the fitness industry you’re in safe hands for all your health and fitness needs.


Grant Williams

Grant joined the Royal Navy at the age of 16 as an Aircraft Handler, at the age of 20 he became a Leading Physical Trainer. He served in the former Yugoslavia in 1992. He played football for the R.N. and Combined Services, he also played semi- professional football for 10 years. Grant prides himself on his ability to motivate individuals to ensure they reach their specific goal whether that be through health or well-being. A personal trainer and British military fitness park manager who will always get results. Grant held the press up world record in 2007 (13,000 in total).


Barry Lahive

Barry has specialised in a huge range of disciplines over the years, this is what makes him so unique. He has run at a high level over different distances, a 800m, 1500m specialist who also has a range of experience in marathon and fell running. A former body building champion. Barry will give you advice on diet, nutrition and self-esteem. Barry will always dedicate himself and go the extra mile to ensure you have a lesson to remember.

NG-UP Prices



a session


Buy 10 get 2 free


Buy 30 get 8 free

Massage and Acupuncture also available See Jill's prices here.


Bespoke Benches and Barbells

Private Consultation


Blood Pressure
Body Fat
Health Check
Fitness Test
1 Free Class
1-week meal plan
(no excuses nutrition)


Trx bands and punchbags

Private Consultation


Includes Bronze offers

Dynamic Fitness Test
Training Plan (6 weeks)
2 Free Classes
Sports Massage (30 Mins)


Powerbags and Dumbbells

Private Consultation


Includes Silver offers

Advanced Fitness Test
Blood Pressure
Re – Test (Fitness)
Re – Measure
2 Sports massage (30 Mins)
Acupuncture (30 mins)
3 Free Classes

Call to Book

*Introductory offer for the first 6 weeks


Wake Up Cage

Wakey Wakey, rise and shine, it's grind time!
The most important exercise class of the day. This early morning session will ensure your mind and body are fully functioning and ready for the day ahead. An active and alert mind will ensure your day is easier. You just need to complete the class first.

Barbell Blast

The ultimate workout to enhance both your strength and conditioning. This workout will guarantee shape within your body, and you will soon start to identify the definition within your smaller muscle groups. Suit your weight to your ability, you’re not all going to be weightlifters just yet!

Total TRX

The ultimate core workout. Using the TRX bands and your own individual bespoke bench you are guaranteed so packed full of varied exercises you will need to get your brain as well as your body in gear. It’s an overall body workout including core strength.

The Cage

Our fillet steak of workouts. During this session you will use at least seven different pieces of equipment. The session will be based on speed and repetitions. A total all over body blast guaranteed. Top tip- Have lots of fluid before you arrive, you’re going to need it.

Plyometric Pulse

Just when you think you have your heart rate under control BANG it increases another 20% with this plyometric overload. Combined with using TRX bands and different leg exercises this session will ensure optimum workout fatigue. Not for the faint hearted!

Power Bag Pain

How many exercises can you actually do with a power bag? Give it a go and find out for yourself how all the major muscles in the body will be worked. And we wouldn’t want you getting to comfortable so expect a twist half way through.

Dumbbell Definition

This class will primarily be based around shaping your body, you will have your own individual bench and dumbbells for your workout. Match your weight to your ability and push yourself to your limits.

Bench Blitz

An amazing workout just with yourself and your bench. You can choose your own specific weighted dumbbells that will see you through the session.

Blaster Cage

The total bespoke class which will give you an ultimate experience. Guaranteed to cure your Saturday night hangover.

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